Finca del Seto is a small traditional coffee farm located in the tropical cloud forest of the Cordillera Central mountain range on the island of Puerto Rico. Outside of the town of Jayuya, the farm is on the slopes of Cerro Morales, the second highest mountain on the island.

Coffee was introduced to Puerto Rico in 1736 and the Jayuya area, with its rich Jibaro culture, is particularly esteemed for its "cafe del pais", coffee time-honored  for its richness and quality.

Finca del Seto Cafe is a classic strain of an increasingly rare and fragile pure Arabica stock. It is organically shade-grown. The beans are always picked ripe, washed in pure spring water, and dried naturally in the sun. And every order is ALWAYS FRESH open-kettle roasted.

Finca del Seto Cafe has unsurpassable taste - flavorful and smooth, soft on the tongue, with no edge or sharpness. It is aromatic, with fruity overtones and a hint of chocolate. It has a velvety finish.  

The farm only produces a limited amount of coffee every year. The farm practices the concepts of sustainable agriculture. And by purchasing Finca del Seto Cafe, you have a DIRECT connection to the farm AND the farmer - not a corporation, middleman, or distributor.

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